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Type: Dogs

Toys Type: Ropes

Suitable type: small and medium-sized dogs and cats

Set contains: 5 different styles of pet chew toys

Set Type: Yes

Quantity: 5

Pet dog chewing: dog bites cotton toy

Origin: CN(Origin)

Material: Cotton

Large and small dog toys: large and small dogs chewing cotton dog toy

Is Smart Device: NO

Features: durable and safe material, interactive dog toy

Color: colorful

Brand Name: SONGYI

Ball rope dog toy: cotton ball shaped toy for dogs

Pet Dog And Cat Chewing Toy Rope Pet Dental Care Molars Suitable For All Small And Medium Pets

Note: the Actual Color is Slightly Different from the Color of the Object in the Picture, Please Choose Carefully!

Limited time event

Now you buy this product, the amount is more than 8 US dollars, you can get a free pet toothbrush gift, limited to 20, the number is limited, first order, first get, hurry up and buy it

Remarks: You can contact us for bulk ordering products

▶ High-quality materials: made of soft and strong 100% natural cotton fiber, environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, and recommended by veterinarians, dog trainers and dog lovers all over the world.

▶Cleaning teeth: The dog toy rope can clean teeth, massage the gums, reduce the accumulation of dental plaque, and prevent gum disease. Suitable for puppies, small and medium-sized dogs.

▶ Small and medium-sized puppies: Starter kit for puppies, interactive training toys for small and medium-sized dogs. Increase the dog's attention. Promote the relationship between the dog and the owner while interacting with the pet, and encourage the training of the dog.

▶ Dog toy lanyard: There are 5 different dog toys. Chewing, throwing, tug-of-war, ball. Let your dog experience different ways of playing. Even if your dog is an aggressive chewer, the toy will be strong enough. You can play or exercise indoors or outdoors.

▶ Prevent biting behavior: made of extra thick rope and reinforced joints. With this toy bag, the dog will not bite your shoes or furniture, giving you a clean and tidy home!

Why do you need this dog chew toy

1. Decompress and relieve boredom

Interesting toys to help pets relieve boredom, reduce stress, and reduce the incidence of disruptive sexual behaviors.,

2. Molar and clean teeth

Dogs need to grind their teeth frequently. Long-term non-grinding can cause bad mouth odor or tooth decay.

3. Stay healthy

Dogs usually do not like to exercise, which leads to obesity, which seriously affects their health. Toys can make dogs exercise.

4. Promote feelings

Interesting toys can increase your interaction and enhance the relationship between you.

Solve 6 kinds of problems

No.1 Dogs no longer do damage

If you don't want to endure the dog's unbridled destruction, buy some fun toys and play with the dog! The dog just wants to say: Master, I'm just lonely and bored to destroy things."

No.2 Safe material

For the health of dogs, from selection to Factory, multiple inspections to ensure high-quality The quality of our selection of materials are in line       with the materials Standard parents can rest assured to use

No.3 Increase exercise to stay away from obesity

Some dogs are lazy and don't like to exercise.Lead to obesity. Dog toys are just to deal with The lazy dog's secret weapon. -A fun piece of play Tools, often able to attract their interest,Make them move involuntarily.

No.4 Decompression, prevent depression

Long-term depression and depression will make it easier for the dog Suffering from depression. The owner wants to play with the dog Toys, one-play games, together outdoor sports Moving, walking in the morning and evening, etc. are all closer to each other A good way to get away is to guide the dog to walk The key to depression!

No.5 Improve relationship

Some toy owners can be paired with dogs Close-up, the owner throws out the toy Go, it will take things back, and the dog Dog-playing with toys helps to strengthen each other Between feelings.

No.6 No additions.

Questions about products that customers care about

Q: Does this dog toy smell?
A: There is no peculiar smell. This product has passed the quality inspection. The toy is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials, safe and without additives, and does not contain inducers. You can rest assured to let your dogs use

Q: How is the life of the toy? Is it bite resistant?
A: The toy rope is moderately hard and soft, suitable for daily biting and play. The specific service life depends on the dog's bite force. Different dog types and ages are different. Dog bite rope toys are not as hard as possible. , Too hard toys will hurt the dog's teeth.

Q: What size dog is suitable for use?
A: This product is more suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. Our shop also has chew toys suitable for large dogs. You can search or contact us.

Because it is manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3cm, if you mind, place the order carefully

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